Saturday, 4 September 2010

Early morning swim in Salford Quays

Up at 6.30 this morning for a training swim at Salford Quays with Uswim. Arrived a bit too early so had a walk around the quays following the route being considered for the Great Salford Swim from dock 9, through the adjoining canal to dock 8. Whilst dock 8 was being used by a rowing club, the adjoining canal had a worrying amount of weed and algae growing in it! Here's hoping it clears within the next couple of weeks!

Dock 9 was open and with very clear water had a great session covering a mile in 42 minutes feeling much better than my first swim here last week. Also had my first swim with ear plugs... What a difference! I had been getting quite light headed at the end of these swims but a friend told me he'd had the same problem and had been told it was vertigo caused by water sloshing around his ears and that ear plugs had erradicated it... Well, they work! Thanks Martin!

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