Wednesday, 2 June 2010

First open water swim!

Having a break in Abersoch this week and had my first open water training swim at Porth Cerriad near Abersoch today for my RNLI Great North Swim in September... What a shock!
The cold water on my head made breathing really difficult at first and took a while to catch my breath!

Made reasonable progress swimming front crawl which I'm still not very strong at but when I had to bail out and do breast stroke it felt like I was treading water!
Swam about a 3rd of a mile from just out of the bay to the shore (with Karen providing boat cover) covering the distance in just over 20 minutes.

The water was increadibly clear and as I got to about 3 metre depth could see the sea bed and a profusion of large spider crabs clambering over the kelp bottom which made for an interesting end to a very tough swim!

Definately need to up the front crawl training and stamina!

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