Monday, 14 June 2010

Finally Clicked!

After my first open water swim, the reality hit home that I really need to do front crawl on the Great North Swim. Breastroke felt like just treading water!

So, this evening I decided to go for a swim and really work on the front crawl which I've previously only been able to manage a few lengths of. Anyway, this evening something just 'clicked'!

I swam 20 lengths of front crawl at Bannatyne's 20 metre pool before having a 2 length breather on breastroke, a further 8 lengths front crawl followed by another 2 length breastroke breather and the final 8 lengths of my half mile target on front crawl (so 36 lengths of front crawl in total!). Completed the half mile in 26 minutes feeling much more positive about my ability to actually complete the mile in Lake Windermere which is now only 12 weeks away!

Just a reminder that this is to raise funds for the RNLI to help maintain their coastal presence and specifically the Abersoch crew who came to my aid following my sailing accident in 2007... You can sponsor me here if you wish! ~

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