Thursday, 15 July 2010

Open Water Swim :-)

Went along to a Tatton Triathlon Open Water swim training session this evening organised by Usiwm at Boundary water park in Holmes Chappel... What a Great set up! Must have been a couple of hundred swimmers, some just in speedo's !?!
The water was shallow, murky but warm at around 20'c.

Swam 1,200 metres in total. Three laps of the 400 metre circuit with a few minutes break between each lap.

The coach that runs the sessions, Dave Quartermain was great and couldn't have been more helpfull and friendly! He gave me a few tips on technique and taught me how to 'spot' to help swim front crawl in a straight line when there's no sides or bottom to guide you... A great tip in itself!

The swim felt great! A lot more relaxed than my last open water swim in the sea but my front crawl is probably a lot better since then. Felt whacked and a bit light headed when I reached the bank at the end of the third lap and was glad of the BBQ and burgers being cooked up afterwards :-)
Great preparation and a huge morale booster for my Great North Swim! :-)

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