Friday, 7 May 2010

Lies, damned lies and statistics!

The good thing about keeping a training blog is that I can measure how I'm doing against this time last year... I've been getting a bit hung up about the times I've been managing for the 10k recently and so compared it with the run up to last years Great Manchester Run...

Before the GMR last year I'd done 15 runs, 7 of which were over 6 miles. So far this year I've done 14 runs (latest this evening), of which 3 have been over 6 miles with another coming close at 5.6... So I guess my long run training just hasn't been the same! I intend to get another couple of long runs in before next week but this evening settled for a 3 mile stretch, completing this in just under 25 minutes and felt good at the end of it.

Aiming to do circa 7 miles on Sunday and perhaps again next Tuesday or Wednesday... I'll then 'taper' for the weekend and hope for the best! :-)

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